Waste Commission of Scott County

Electronic Waste

The Commission’s Electronic Demanufacturing Facility (EDF) provides residents and businesses an environmentally sound disposal option for electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers and televisions—or anything else with a screen or a circuit board. See the green chart below for more examples of e-waste.

All material received by the facility is evaluated to determine the next step. Items deemed to have additional useful life are set aside for reuse. For more information, visit our Electronics Reuse Program page. End-of-life material is demanufactured into component parts. The component parts are recycled, or shredded and then recycled.

The Electronic Demanufacturing Facility is certified to ISO 14001:2007, OHSAS 18001:2007 and R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling). R2 certification ensures data security and environmental stewardship through a set of strict requirements and third-party audits. Read more about our certifications.

Business customers: Visit our Business & Industry Electronic Waste page.

Scott County residents: No charge. Drop off without an appointment during regular business hours.

Davenport and Bettendorf residents with curbside collection may place e-waste on the curb on their recycling day. This is a service that is included in the solid waste fee, and no call or appointment is required.

Other communities within Scott County provide special collection programs. Check with your community to learn more.

Processing and disposal costs for Scott County residents are paid by Scott County, communities within the county, and an environmental grant awarded by Waste Commission of Scott County.

Rock Island County residents: No charge. Drop off without an appointment during regular business hours.

Processing and disposal costs for Rock Island County residents are paid by Rock Island County Waste Management Agency. E-waste is not included in Rock Island County bulky waste collection services.

Non-residents: Those living outside Scott and Rock Island counties are charged 20 cents per pound for cathode-ray-tube-containing items, such as analog TVs. In addition, a $15 flat fee is charged for console and projection TVs. All other electronics are accepted at no charge. Large or unusual items are assessed on a per-item basis.

 E-waste is defined as anything with a screen or a circuit board.
 Calculators  Keyboards (typing and
 Stereo receivers
 Cameras  Laptops
 Tape recorders
 Cassette recorders
 Monitors  Televisions
 CD players
 Typewriters (electric)
 Cell phones
 Printer cartridges (all types)
 Computers (CPUs)
 Printers (ribbon, laser, inkjet)
 Video game equipment
 Copiers  Radios
 Blu-ray players
 DVD players
 Scanners  MP3 players
Learn more about electronic waste in our education section.