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Drop-off recycling update

December 31, 2015
Construction is ongoing at the Scott Area Recycling Center, 5640 Carey Ave., Davenport. The Recycling Center remains closed as updates are made to accommodate new single-stream operations. In the interim, residents may continue to dispose of several items at the Carey Avenue campus:

Household recyclables now may be dropped off during daylight hours at the Recycling Center using the Carey Avenue entrance, which is now open. (The Carey Avenue entrance had been closed since October.) Drop-off recycling containers now are located in front of the Recycling Center (south side) rather than behind it, as in the past. Please note that the recycling drop-off containers are accessible ONLY from the Carey Avenue entrance and may not be reached from the north entrance at East 59th Street.

Electronic waste, fluorescent bulbs, and full containers of medical sharps may be dropped off at the Electronic Demanufacturing Facility. Residents also may pick up new sharps containers at the facility, which continues to be accessible from the north at East 59th Street. (It cannot be reached from the Carey Avenue entrance.) Please note that the Electronic Demanufacturing Facility is accessible ONLY from the north entrance at East 59th Street and may not be reached from the Carey Avenue entrance.

The Household Hazardous Materials Facility located at Carey Avenue remains closed, including the drop-off area for used oil and oil filters. Residents may continue to drop off hazardous materials, including oil and filters, at the Scott Area Landfill, 11555 110th Ave., Buffalo. Appointments are no longer required to drop off materials from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays. To drop off materials on a Saturday morning, residents must make an appointment online or by calling (563) 381-1300 during business hours.

Waste Commission of Scott County (Commission) anticipates that the Scott Area Recycling Center will reopen as a single-stream facility in summer 2016 and extends its gratitude to residents and customers for their patience during this major project.

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